Robin Berglund spent his childhood and adolescence deep in Sweden’s dense forest. Far from the city, where the young boy would ever so often sit by his desk, the rain was pouring outside the window. His mother knocked on the door, telling him it’s time to come downstairs for dinner. The room was completely dark, as always, except from the desk lamp that lit up his desk, as always. ‘’I’m coming Mom, I just have to finish this painting!’’ he replied. ‘’As always’’ his mother thought to herself.

Moving to Stockholm and trying to get a foot in the business is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done, Robin says. I remember e-mailing about every single photographer in the city trying to get a meeting but no one was interested since I didn’t know anything, hadn’t any experience or didn’t come from a photography school where someone knew someone.

‘’I pestered, nagged and even begged a photographer of an internship and that’s the short story.’’

Since then he has worked several years as a fulltime assistant to Asa Tallgard and as of now - 1st assistant to the legendary Camilla Akrans.

‘’Persistance was and is the key’’.

‘’There's a lot of sensitivity and emotion to his photography, which I think says a lot about him as a person. You can tell his photography comes from a very important personal place.’’

- Ashley Holloway / deviantART